Kelly M. Ballard - Readings
Kelly M. Ballard - Medium, Intuitive Consultant, & Usui Reiki Master

Many people are interested in what they can expect from a Reading with me; I always begin my sessions with asking you to say your first name.  This allows me to tune into your energy and voice vibration and helps me to center in on you and the messages in which Spirit begins to bring forward for me to pass to you.  With in a few moments, I will begin to pick up information about you, your life, people around you (those who are living or deceased), and even the Spirits that may be around you. I do a great deal of talking in the beginning of our reading; after that information is passed to you, it is then your turn to ask any questions that you came prepared with.

Sometimes I will see and hear Spirits as clearly as I'm looking at the client I'm working with; other times, I may hear or see them in my mind's eye.  Each Spirit comes through they way that is the easiest for them.  I can see auras, as well as hear, smell, taste, see, or feel information that Spirit wants to pass to during our session. I also work with a practice called psychometry, in which a Medium will tune into the energy of an object or the voice vibration of a person.  Everything and anything has energy associated to it, therefore there is really no limit to what we can "tune into." On the intuitive end of things, I also work through a series of yes/no sensations within my body to cross-check the information I'm receiving from Spirit.

I work with clients for grief related topics, individuals or familiy members within the active dying process, work with manifesting and vision boards, as well private mentoring and business coaching.

Currently, I do not record my sessions, however, I do provide pen and paper for you to take notes. Also, many clients do come with their own recording devices to tape their session.

Below you can find a listing of the 2 different types of Readings that I currently offer. Please note that In-Person Readings are ONLY conducted at my office space in Latham, NY and all readings are made by appointment only.

How to Prepare for a Session

To make the most out of your appointment, here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for your reading:
*A list of questions that you would like answers/validation to, confirmations about, etc; questions can be about yourself, family members, or friends and can cover a variety of "life" topics. I won't ask to see this list, it's just to keep you focused and on track.
*I may use the vibrations from the object, as well as your own voice, to tune into your energy. I can also pick up on the vibrations of people who have passed or are still living by holding onto an object that has belonged to them - so if that is something you are interested in, you can bring those as well.
*And pictures of anyone - living or deceased, as I can tune into those as well. The pictures do not have to be recent and they can be printed off the computer or black/white.  Picture are helpful, but not necessary to still tune into a living or deceased individual.

In-Person Readings

60 Minute Reading:
$100 per person 
30 Minute  Reading:
$60 per person
2 Person, 60 Minute  Reading:
(session is used for 2 people who are looking to connect in with the same Spirit or have similar issues they would like guidance on.)
$150 total
Group 60 Minute  Reading:
(minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people
and is predominately for groups who wish
to connect with a spirit(s) together.)
$60 per person

PLEASE NOTE:  All readings are made by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  All payments are due at the time of session via cash or check. Note that a $25 fee is charged for all returned checks.

Phone Readings

60 Minute  Reading:
$100 per person
30 Minute  Reading:
$60 per person

One of the most frequent questions that Clients ask me regarding my consultations is if In-Person Readings are more accurate than Phone Readings. In the 19 years I’ve be doing Phone Readings, I’ve personally found that both types of readings are identical as far as accuracy is concerned.   A Phone Reading works the same exact way as In-Person one, except I'm tuning into your Voice Vibration over the phone. These types of readings have been a wonderful addition to my business and I work with clients Nationally and Internationally on a daily basis.  
Once your appointment is confirmed, I will call you at the phone number you provide me for the reading.  You are also welcome to email me any photos of people/animals who are living or deceased that you might like me to tune into.  This isn’t necessary for me to tune into a living or deceased person/animal, but can be helpful. 
Payment is due BEFORE we start the reading and I'll invoice you via PayPal less than a week before the reading.

Cancellation Policy
Because I do have a waiting list, if you need to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE your session please kindly do so within 24 hours of your appointment or you will be invoiced for your (missed) appointment.  If you have prepaid for an appointment or are using a gift certificate and miss your appointment, please note that the prepayment or gift certificate will be applied to the missed-appointment fee.   All payments made are final.